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NC State Extension

Policy, Systems, & Environmental Change Initiatives

Steps to Health is dedicated to inspiring healthier communities by shaping the environments where limited-income people buy, cook, consume, and enjoy food. We support NC State Extension professionals in efforts to create policies, systems, and environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice in locations that serve low-income families and individuals.

Steps to Health is piloting comprehensive toolkits designed to guide these efforts in a number of settings, including, community sites, farmers’ markets, food pantries, and food banks, schools, and food retail stores.

Steps to Health PSE toolkits include:

  • Baseline & follow-up assessments
  • Training materials
  • Comprehensive resource guide
  • Promotional materials
  • Action planning tools

Please continue to engage with your partners during this challenging time during COVID-19 safety guidance.

For more information about Steps to Health PSE initiatives, contact Breyana Davis