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Faithful Families

Faithful Families LogoFaithful Families Thriving Communities (Faithful Families) works directly in communities of faith across the country to promote health for individuals, families, and local communities. The practice-tested program is open to all faith and religious traditions and engages faith communities in health education, environmental changes to support health, and community-wide health initiatives.

Program facilitators and Lay Leaders are trained to co-deliver Faithful Families’ Eating Smart and Moving More Lessons, which includes nine sessions on healthy eating and physical activity strategies, including nutrition, meal preparation and cooking, food safety, and increasing daily physical activity. Through group discussions, recipe taste tests , and activities, individuals and families are encouraged to set goals to lead healthier lives. The curriculum also prompts discussions about changes that can be made in their organization and local community.

Steps to Health funding can be used to deliver Faithful Families if taught at an eligible faith site. 


Site Eligibility

A faith site is eligible for Steps to Health programming if the site is documented to serve generally limited resource people, where at least 50% of people have gross incomes at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Line.

How to determine eligibility:

Step 1. Find your census tract.

Enter the address of your faith siteLocate the tract code in the upper left corner.

Step 2. Determine if the census tract qualifies.

Find your census tract on the Eligibility Spreadsheet.

What if the census tract doesn’t qualify?

Contact to discuss the possibility of using a site eligibility letter. 

For virtual surveys and data related information, please contact