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Steps to Health Color Me Healthy

Color Me Healthy logoSteps to Health Color Me Healthy serves preschoolers and kindergarteners across North Carolina in schools, Head Start, and Child Care Centers.

Color Me Healthy is a nutrition and physical activity program for children ages four and five. It is designed to stimulate all the senses of young children: touch, smell, sight, sound, and of course, taste. It uses color, music, and exploration of the senses to teach children that healthy eating and physical activity are fun.

Steps to Health Color Me Healthy is comprised of nine lessons chosen from the Color Me Healthy curriculum. Taste tests have been added to coincide with each lesson in order to enhance the multi-sensory learning experience. Parent handouts were enriched to contain nutrition tips, family physical activity suggestions, reading book recommendations, and grocery store adventures. All participants are awarded a certificate of participation at the completion of the program. Evaluation of the program is conducted via parent and teacher feedback forms.


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