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4th Grade

The Steps to Health 4th Grade program is a garden and nutrition-based curriculum that integrates health education, science, social studies, math, and language arts for North Carolina 4th Graders. Steps to Health 4th Grade seeks to inspire students to plant, grow, and try a variety of vegetables in a school garden setting while learning about nutrition and physical activity.

Steps to Health 4th Grade brings together multiple facets of the school and community. The curriculum includes classroom-based lessons, taste tests, physical activity, hands-on garden experiences, and interclass challenges. Program success relies on the collaboration and leadership of a Nutrition Educator who provides 9 in-classroom sessions, a Garden Educator who provides 3 in-gardens sessions, and the Classroom Teacher who provides weekly supplemental activities.

Pre/post surveys are administered to the students and a parent feedback form is collected. Recipes and information on nutrition and physical activity are sent home to parents.

The curriculum was developed by Lindsay Goolsby, MS, RD; Gretchen Hofing, MPH, RD; Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, MHA, Ph.D.; Liz Driscoll, MS; and Tessa Thraves, MA, Ph.D.

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Site Eligibility

In order to qualify for Steps to Health programming, schools must participate in the National School Lunch or Breakfast Program. The school building must have at least 50% of students receiving a free or reduced meal.

Before beginning programming, use this spreadsheet to confirm that a school qualifies: Steps to Health Eligible Schools.

For questions on determining school eligibility, contact Christian Woods at 

For virtual surveys and data related information, please contact